Who am I? I’m a now retired nurse, with a work history divided between two ends of the age spectrum: children and elderly. I attend a well-grounded, bible based Presbyterian Church, where I often share some of my “ponderings.” I am hoping in the coming months to edit some of those I’ve already written and put them in book form with perhaps accompanying illustrations.

Meanwhile I am opting to share my present “ponderings” here as and when they come to me. I always write from my heart, and often after I have “sat” with something for several days.

The reason why I’ve called my blog “Son Flowers and Seeds” is that all I hope for is that perhaps one seed of thought, something from what I write causes you to pause within you day and once more fix your eyes on Him the author and finisher of our faith.

All opinions expressed are my own, and all work published on this sight is of my own creation, unless explicitly stated. Images used are from Public Domain.