To be an aroma of Him.

A short time ago a friend told me how one day, near the start of her physiotherapy training, one day the whole class was told to strip down to their underwear.  Needless to say, all the students were more than a bit shocked, but as they were also very new students, they felt that they ought to follow their tutor’s instructions. As soon as they were all standing in their underwear they were told to “now get dressed again.” Wondering what the whole point of this seemingly odd exercise was the tutor then went on to say to them…

“How you felt today, I want you to never forget that feeling. You will over the course of your career probably get used to seeing people in a vulnerable, often a similar state of being, at least partly undressed, and if ever you do forget how you feel today, well, stop for just a moment, remember, and then hopefully every step of  your career you will be able to treat every client with the dignity and respect which they deserve.”

I love this true story. I love the tutor’s way of imbibing a truth within her students in a way that I suspect no words would have done.

I’ve been thinking of this story lately, and it strikes me, in a bit of a similar way to my “physio” story, that Jesus in His desire to identify with us, showed a willingness to be stripped of all His heavenly attire, and to do whatever it took to draw us unto to himself, including knowing nail-pierced hands, all for our sakes.

The Word became flesh and.jpg


And sometimes I just think we need to stop to thank God afresh for the wonder of all He has done for us, in order for us to hear His Shepherd’s heart whisper, “Come home.”          I know I do.      

The other things I like to share today is a short “pondering” which I wrote following on from hearing a sprightly 90-year man preach of the need for people of the church to be an aroma of Christ to others. The start, and also the finish of a poem, by Edgar A Guest says it like this…(The whole poem is worth looking up if you have the time)

“I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day;
I’d rather one should walk with me than merely tell the way.”

And its a challenge isn’t it? For instance, I know that there are days when not entering into an argument is doable, and then there are other days when it takes all my energy not to react to how others act.  Or I silently, smugly, judge. Or I feel a tap from the Holy Spirit to take time to encourage someone, and I delay when I ought not to, and so much more. And pondering this, I know I definitely need to ask, and to be willing to be shown by the Holy Spirit, what aroma, what attitude, am I so bent on sharing with the world, that sadly the scent of the “Christ child” gets covered up?

Anyway, I’ll close now with a covering prayer for each one who kindly takes the time to read my blog, and in doing so, encourages me to keep on sharing just a wee bit of the me I am, as we all keep walking home, one step at a time. Blessing to each of you. 


“To be an aroma of Him….” 

In stillness, seeking you,
for precious moments I sense your presence,
then, as softly as butterfly wings,
it flits away.

Why did I move?
Why was I not quieter, stiller?
Why did I allow my distracting thoughts, to invade that Holy space?

No matter…… 

The moment has passed now and I am charged to move on out,
bringing with me an aroma of the Christ child into my day.


Often I know not how,
and if truth be told,
all I can do is to pray with trusting heart ,
that His lighting upon me has left some small imprint of who He is upon my soul,
so that I then bring some measured scent of the Wounded Healer,
into this broken world.

Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy, on us.

Yours in Him,

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