Psalm 121

My shortest blog yet…..

I was reading my Mum’s favourite Psalm: 121 again this morning and again making a note to myself that within its eight verses there is a reference to God watching over us five times, to which I said yes please Lord watch over me and mine this day.

I then looked up what “being watched over” might mean and here are some examples given:

  • To be guarded.
  • To be held.
  • To be covered.
  • To have an eye kept on you while you sleep, or are ill.
  • To be monitored.
  • To be nurtured.
  • To be protected.
  • To have someone looking out for your best interests
  • To be defended
  • To be  minded

I don’t know which of those meaning might be special to you today? Perhaps like me, there will be more than one you need to cling to, but I do pray that you will indeed know His watching out for, and His keeping minding of you and yours today, and always.

God bless,

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One response to “Psalm 121

  1. Lovely to see you writing again, Al. Thanks for sharing this. Also, so good to be ‘watched over’ as a mammy, we always seem to be ‘watching over’ x x x D

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