A recent pondering. Hope you enjoy.

I want to finish well…

I want when I am ninety to be even more in awe of this Saviour God, Jesus Christ the King.

As age spots grow,

and spread o’er hands and arms without,

I want the truth of who I am in Him, to spread,

to settle ever more within.

I want to be the old lady in the front,

who is never afraid to be different,

as she lifts up her hands in praise.

I want never to be ashamed to claim Him as my Lord,

and to be wise enough to always seek more truths within His word.

I want to be humble enough at any age, even when I’m 90,

to say  I do not know,

I cannot fully understand your pain,

but He does,

and He will carry you.

When people look at me I want them to see His love within me reflecting outward,

allowing for differences of age and race and creed,

while yet never compromising the truth,

that “Christ alone is the way,

and the truth

and the life.” John 14:6

I want how I live my life to draw others in, not away from Him,

and for them to witness to His grace and love effectively,

not by my doing and my saying,

but rather as it most often happens, should happen,

by my silence, and my acceptance, and by my gentle actions.

I want to finish well.

I want to finish well, as I dream of, look forward to, and long for

the day when I get to kneel before Him and worship

with awestruck wonder, and with the reverence He is so worthy of.

Yes, this is my truth these days,

I want when I reach ninety to know I’ve finished well…

A.Z.King 1/10/2017

Yours in Him,

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