In our home, we have a picture with the words of an Irish blessing written on it which starts, “Deep peace breathed into you today.” It is precious to me as it was given to my mum by one of my brothers, with both of them now “home safe.”  In the picture of low hanging trees over a gently flowing river, the horizon is blurred with a river mist.

As I looked at the blessing afresh today it got me to thinking about the phenomenon of horizons and how we tend to see them as defined lines and boundaries. And yet were we to get to those same boundaries we’d find that, like the mist which descended over the fields at the back of our home early this morning, those boundaries are but illusions, for what we see is rarely the whole story, there is so often more! And there is always a different shape, a different view to be discovered and explored.

And because life is life, there will always be some travelling towards and beyond those boundaries, and some who will be staying on the shore line watching them go.

What is needed then is a companion both for the traveller and the ones watching.

And who better to fill this post than the star holder, the boundary setter, the map maker, Himself?  Who better than the One who both goes before us and who walks by our side? Who better to companion us than God Himself who calls us beloved in Him, and who always longs to Shepherd, and to guide us?

“The Lord watches over you- He is your shade at your right hand: ….He will watch over your life; The Lord will watch over your coming and your going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121

And so we pray…

“Father for all who will journey today, for all who will travel beyond boundaries known to or by them, be with them Lord we ask.

For all who won’t travel, and who watching others go, will need to adjust to new shapes in their staying, be with them Lord we ask.

Indeed within this home here today, as one goes to explore new horizons while others stay, your mercy and your courage Lord we ask.

For those who have may have already settled on the far side of the sea, anchor them in knowing that “even there your right hand will guide them and hold them fast.” (Psalm 139)

And then for any who might be near to, or crossing that last horizon boundary out of this life into that “home safe” place, please bring extra travelling mercy and grace to all involved within their journeying.

And so Lord, in all our journeying, in all our horizon exploring and shape adjusting, companionship us each day we ask, in Jesus name. Amen.”

Yours in Him,

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2 responses to “Horizons

  1. Safe travelling to your traveller, Alison. He has all he needs with him because you have packed his bags with all he could ever need to continue on this wonderful quest of his. Love and blessings to you as you say ‘So Long’, remembering you always in pray.

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