A blessing on your day

I know that I said I probably wouldn’t post another blog for a while but there is something on my heart today, which I was going to put up on Facebook, but decided instead to put into a “blog ” so that those of you who don’t do Facebook will also get to read it if you want.

What I want to share isn’t even one of my usual “ponderings” but rather simply a letting you know that I have this day prayed a blessing for you and yours.

And here’s why. Firstly a friend recently gave me a book called “Circle of grace” by Jan Richardson, with the tag line “a book of blessings for the seasons,” some of whose blessings within the book have been anchored with in this “letting go” season of ours.     (I would HIGHLY recommend this book). Then this morning I read the following by John O’Donohue:

“When a blessing is invoked it changes the atmosphere. Some of the plenitude flows into our hearts from the invisible neighbourhood of loving-kindness. In the light and reverence of blessing, a person or situation becomes illuminated in a completely new way….The quiet eternal that dwells in our souls is silent and subtle; in the activity of blessing, it emerges to embrace and nurture us. Let us begin then to learn how to bless one another.”

When I in past times needed to but could not pray forgiveness for someone who had deeply hurt me, I could and did pray God’s blessing over them. And it helped. And it’s helped me many a time since when, if I don’t know how to pray, I “at least”-and I suspect there is no “at least” to those prayers in the Father’s eyes- I at least can pray a blessing over folk.

And so today I simply want to share a blessing for any who might read this.

“Lord you know my friends, and you know what each one most needs this day and so I pray…..

A blessing of hope…..A blessing of grace…..A blessing of patience…..A blessing of salvation…..A blessing of turning back and coming home…..A blessing of “being still” in the midst…..A blessing of needs being met…..A blessing of healing…..A blessing of knowing your presence in long seasons of caring…..A blessing of wisdom and direction given…..A blessing of question marks turned into a resting…..A blessing of your light, your face shining on all…..A blessing of protection…..A blessing of endurance….A blessing of joy….A blessing of knowing tears seen and gathered by you ….A blessing of trusting when our hearts don’t understand…..A blessing of safe journeys….A blessing of being held in the palm of your hand…..A blessing of comfort in times of sorrow and grief…..And lastly, a blessing of your Shalom peace beyond all understanding for us all this day I ask, in Jesus precious name. Amen

Yours in Him,

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4 responses to “A blessing on your day

  1. Thank you Alison. And praying blessings for you and your family during this time of transition as your son moves on to this great opportunity. Have thought of you this week and will continue to pray. Believing good things …yes, blessings, for you all.

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  2. Once again Thanks, Denise. A friend of ours from MCC also said it was just what she needed so I’m glad now that I posted it! Need to allow my own soul to be wrapped in His blessing tonight as feeling a wee bit vulnerable. God bless you, yours as us, as we sleep eh!


  3. Dear Alison, Thank you for not keeping to what you decided to do, and for blogging this beautiful blessing. I’m taking it in my arms and wrapping it up close to me…..then I guess I should let it go and bless others with this wonderful prayer. Your are a blessing. With love…Denise


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