Baggage allowance!

Firstly, just to say that as we as a family continue to prepare for our son leaving home at the start of September for at least three years, on the next step of fulfilling his dreams, when he heads to Fuller College in Pasadena, California, to start his masters in Theology, it is probable that I won’t be posting any further blogs after this one for wee while (I imagine I’ll be back mid September time.) Do please pray for us all as he goes, we stay, and we all adjust to this soon to be, God ordained, right “new shape” in all our lives. Thank you. And thinking of airports as we will soon be going with him for his “goodbye for now” departure from Dublin, I’ve been pondering this.

Recently we took a short trip to visit family in Wales which involved air travel and therefore airport security checks. While we didn’t have any checked in baggage we did have our full complement of hand luggage.

You know the scenario. Any fluids over 100mls have to be ditched, while those under that allowance have to be put in a clear plastic bag for scanning. You yourself are then scanned as you walk through to collect your now dismembered luggage, before you then try to squeeze everything back into whatever space you can find in your “stuffed to the gills” case, all the while hoping that the nice Ryanair lady won’t pick your case for a weight check!

Well of on our return journey I, plonker that I am, caused a mini delay, because although I had put my fluids into a clear bag, I’d then put them back inside my luggage, rather than separately on the tray provided for the scanning, whereupon a  non smiling, very serious security gentleman, stepped forward and asked, “Whose bag is this?” Oops! “It’s mine,” I declared before it went back for it’s “all clear now” second scan.

And all of the above to provide a picture of the reminder that we are all responsible for our own “it’s mine” baggage and for what we choose to carry around. It can be tempting to blame others for our baggage can’t it? We look back and say if only that hadn’t happened to me I’d be fine now. However, as I’ve written before, we all have a choice to “let it go.”  We also all have a choice to daily “Come unto Him as we are, and to allow His rest be wrapped around our shoulders for the day” (Matthew 11:28)

Are these easy choices?

Sometimes yes, when the baggage I’m carrying doesn’t really impact my daily living. And sometimes no, especially when I, though not too often now, forget to or rush in my choosing to “turn my eyes upon Jesus.”  And for me it really is a choosing, moment by moment, to live in this now, rather than allowing the baggage from my past, or indeed allowing imagined bagged of the future, to impede on how I live in this day.

But do you know what, I am so thankful that every day He takes me just as I am, baggage included!

And so we pray…

“Father thank you that each and every day you accept us just as we are while yet encouraging us to grow in our “completion in you journey” (Philippians 1:6)  Thank you for your daily invitation to come with our often overloaded baggage, and to exchange it for your perfect for us baggage allowance. (Matthew 11:28) Forgive us when we take more upon ourselves than you ask of us. Forgive us, forgive me, also when we fail to “let go.” Help us then to walk this day in the freedom of who we are in you.

And Lord in this season of mine, thank you for your word which tells me…

“The Lord himself watches over you! The Lord STANDS beside you as your protective shade” Psalm 121:5 (NLT)

The God who holds the stars in place, STANDING beside me. I’ll take that today, and say yes please, and thank you! ”

Yours in Him,

Alison King Signature NEW

psalm 121


(Once again for any who may have baggage which you are struggling to deal with, can I please encourage you to seek help. For instance for myself, being able to “let go” of some of my baggage meant a choosing to sit with my Christian counsellor, who often encouraged me to do such tasks as writing things down, as a way of bringing them out of hiding.)


2 responses to “Baggage allowance!

  1. Thank you, Alison, for the baggage that we left behind on our retreat …and hope not to pick up again anytime in the future! Blessed be HIm for ever and ever.

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