Pay attention!

Not very long ago my physio recommended that I try swimming again as a means of exercising all my various aching joints so I decided to give aqua aerobics a whirl. I LOVED IT! There were about 100 of us in the pool of all shapes, sizes, and ages, including two brave men among the gaggle of women. There were bits of me wobbling that I don’t even know I had to wobble. (I know, that’s maybe a step too far with regards to details, and perhaps best you don’t try to imagine it!) And do you know what I enjoyed as much as the “no one is bothered” what size or shape you are, and the exercises themselves, was the fact that for about 45 minutes, I who often think too much, needed to “pay attention” to the instructors directions, and so my mind switched off from thinking about anything else. It was pure bliss!

Subsequent to this “event,” and it really was an event, as due to my over doing it for a first time, I ended up with a flare up of an, now settling again, old calf muscle tear, when I shared the story with a friend we agreed that we really do need to “pay attention” when our body tells us we need to rest. Indeed as a nurse, I know full well that aches and pains are often the bodies way of telling us something is not as it should be.

All of which got me thinking, and hence the following which I hope you’ll get something from.

Pay attention child.

Listen to my voice.

Take note of my instructions.

Remember that I most often speak, not in the earthquake wind or fire, but with a gentle whispered voice which needs to you to be still, and to attune your heart to the nuances of my voice. ( 1 Kings 19:11) Listen deeply until you are certain it is My voice telling you which way to go. (Isaiah 30:21) 

Watch for me.

Seek Me the extraordinary One, within your ordinary, each and every day.

Wait for me. Wait for Me with expectation and a knowing that I will never leave you or forsake you. Indeed I constantly watch over you and I delight to walk through the day with you, holding your hand in mine. ( Joshua 1:9) 

This journey will seem long at times, and if your desire is to finish well, you must be wise in physically resting along the way, and also resting sometimes from the serious stuff of life. Be wise in treating your own soul with the kindness which you strive to show others.

Be mindful of “doing” just for the sake of “doing,” for there is little to be gained by that. Neither should you “not do” if the way ahead is obvious and clear.

The world with all its noise, and constant “PING- I`m disturbing you” distracting inputs, clamour for your attention. I say “pay attention” to Me and my word, and then the balance in your desire to live life well will be easier to attain.

In an often too busy world where your senses are bombarded with “you must try, must do” in order to arrive, I say listen to my voice. Know that my promise is to bring to completion all I’ve begun in you and I will never abandon you or let you go. ( Philippians 1:6) 

Never be afraid to say “no,” if “no” is best for your walk with me. And if some don’t understand, and they may well not, leave the consequences to Me.

Remember that “I am the way. I am the truth, and that my way is the way of life” ( John 14:6)

Choose then this day whose voice you “pay attention” to, mindful that it is always a matter of choice.

Yours in Him,

Alison King Signature NEW

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” John 10:27






2 responses to “Pay attention!

  1. This is Alison’s so much better version of “If at first you don’t succeed, try following the instructions”!…..thanks for the reminders, Al, all the instructions He gives us to keep us living well and loving.


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