Recently I saw a Facebook post with the words “LET IT GO” under a drawing of a balloon floating upwards which I’ve done a simple copy of…

Because I was struggling, again, with expectations of myself and others, and with my own perceived perceptions that I think others may have of me, though I suspect they do not, I took those same three words, and over several days I’ve turned them into a very simple, often silently breathed, prayer.

“Lord, help me to allow you to be in charge, as I once again bring this thing which is bothering me to you, and as I then let it go…”

When someone reacted rather brusquely to some words, I spoke in love, and out of concern, I decided to “let it go.”

When I read another blogger’s post and felt tempted to add my own two cents worth as to why if felt what they said was incorrect, I decided instead to “let it go.”

When I started to realise that once again I was trying to “fix” a particular situation, that I was striving to be more than I was ever meant to be, rather than allowing God to be in control, and to set His right and proper boundaries, I decided instead to “just let it go.”

And of course in a very real way, as our son prepares to embark on the next step of perusing his dreams, where in a land far far away, he will commence his theology training this coming September, I have had to very specifically, knowing this step is 100% right for him, choose to “let him go,” into the Father’s safe keeping.

I don’t know your situation. I suspect if you are hurting, it will in some measure involve, unmet expectations. For instance, and I think I’m not alone in this, I do know that I often not only expect, but in a more balanced world would actually receive particular phone calls, texts, or emails, and when they don’t come I have to once again “let it go,” thankful for the calls and encouragement which do come- especially those out of the blue ones that happen, like one I received recently asking me how me and mine could be prayed for. (Thank you kind lady!) I also know that I have to always remind myself, that how I act and react, are my responsibility, while how someone else behaves, unless I’m in a parenting or teaching role, in the main, is not!

And this “letting it go,” is it easy? NO-it most definitely is not!!

However it does seem, and indeed my own experience is, that when we do “let go,” when we allow God to be in control of our situations, it does very often help to bring clarity of perspective. I would also say, try to be patient with yourself. I know that for some this might be seen as an easier “soft option,” but for me, I see nothing soft in allowing myself to be met by a Holy God exactly where I am at. Nor do I always find it easy to be still and silent for long enough for Him to speak what He wants to say, not just what I want to hear. I just know that when I do, it’s then that the instructions to “let it go” become easier for a time once again.

And so we pray…

“Father, the truth is we are complex beings. Most of us long to “do,” and to do things well, but sometimes it seems like our best efforts are not enough, and then we can be left feeling guilty for not reaching some unwritten goals. Remind us that all you ever ask of us is that we do our best, including our best in our caring of, and for others. Certainly Lord, no less than our best, but if our best turns out not to be enough in the eyes of others, then so be it!  When others hurt us with words or actions, remind us that most often those hurt are not intentional and unless they are literally life changing, needing to be challenged for the good of all, often the best thing we can do is, by your grace to “let it go!” Help us Lord to be patient with all, ourselves included!

Lastly then Lord, in all our letting go, help us to live according to your instructions in Micah 6:8 and to

micah 6 8


Yours in Him,

Alison King Signature NEW

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