a shorter, doggy tale, blog!

Not very long ago I was giving a friend a lift home. As we drove into her drive way the family dog who had been lying still, jumped up and announced, in no uncertain “doggy” terms, our arrival to any one who was near by! Her son flew out the door to see what or who had disturbed his, now new best friend. Full of excitement with the attention it was getting the dog ran round in circles, licking hands and sniffing around us, as only dogs can do! After a time of these exuberant greetings I decided that enough was enough, so pointing my finger at the dog I spoke rather loudly, in what I felt was a Hyacinth Bouquet “she who must be obeyed” tone of voice, as I commanded her to sit and behave. (Okay I shouted at her- okay!) And as I did so, I was quietly reprimanded by my friend as she told me how it should be done!

“Al, this is what we do,” she said, as putting her hand over her heart, and looking into the dogs eyes, she quietly asked the dog to sit.

(I`d love to say the dog sat immediately!  And maybe it did once I left, but it sure wasn’t sitting still while I was there!!)

Anyway-the dog not quite getting it aside, what I’d simply like to ask in this shorter “doggy tale blog” is -which way do you think the Father disciplines you as one of His kids, by shouting at you or by speaking gently? As you sometimes run around in circles getting nowhere, whose voice are you listening to? For me, too often the tone of voice I imagine, and which I suspect Satan is quite happy for me to have in my thinking, is one of  “He who must be obeyed,” over any obeying I want to do because I know He has set boundaries for me in pleasant places. (Psalm 16:6)

However an alternate reality to that which I sometimes imagine in my too much thinking, trying to please others head, is that when I take time to cease from running around in circles in order to fix my eyes on Him, (Hebrews 12:2) indeed any time I choose, as per the title of Shauna Niequist’s well worth reading book, any time I choose to be “present over perfect” in His presence, I realise that He is in fact holding His hand to His, broken for me heart, as He quietly asks me to do what He knows is for my very best, including very often a request from Him to do just as Mary did, even while Martha rushed frantically around “doing,” and to simply sit still at His feet!!

Yours in Him,


zephanin 3




2 responses to “a shorter, doggy tale, blog!

  1. Thank you for reminding me of that beautiful verse again from Zephaniah – I really hope we hear it sung again in church very soon…?!

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