a new morning prayer

A new morning prayer

Father, you know what this day ahead holds for me and mine.                                           (“all the days ordained for me are written in you book” Psalm 139:16)

You know when I might need ​to speak up, and when I’ll need to simply listen well with all my heart. Prompt me to do both well.

Make me sensitive Lord to your Holy Spirit nudges within me, so that I am constantly aware of your “extraordinary” within my  “ordinary.”

Attune me to what “doing” needs to be done, and what “resting” needs to be taken.

May I not so rush through this day that I fail to stop, notice and be amazed by your “God details” in my life today.

Remind me of how your voice so often comes with a gentle whisper, over all other cacophony of noise.

Draw my heart to notice those on the fringes, so that seeing them I can then bring them to you in prayer.

Where a known to me one needs your help, drop their name into my heart so that I can then ask a “Thy will be done, your best blessing” on them this day.

Cause some glimpses of your hope to be seen within me, so that some others might also turn, or return, to seek your knowing, and your El-Roi seeing them this day.

Breathe then your Holy Spirit Ruach breath over me afresh I pray, so that it is in your strength, your Shalom, and with a knowing of your grace which changes my story, that I  pass through this day.

“Open the eyes of my heart Lord…Open the eyes of my heart.” M.W.Smith

In Jesus name,


Alison King Signature NEW

“True Christian prayer is learning to be attentive to God’s presence in our midst. It is learning the relational language of heaven and letting it become the language of our hearts. Prayer is entering into the life of God with our minds and bodies, encountering afresh the love of the Father as He speaks His hope and love over us. And as we do so, we are set free to accept our weaknesses and our limitations. Let us learn then to love as God loves and live faithfully in his presence” Boyd Bailey


3 responses to “a new morning prayer

  1. “Father, you know what this day ahead holds for me and mine.” That just stops me in my tracks, right there….I hope this summer to begin to live a little more with your beautiful morning prayer in mind. Thanks, Al.

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  2. Hi Dagmara…Thanks for those lovely comments. I do appreciate them. Isn’t it great when we get to encourage others with whatever gifts we`ve been given. I look at the painting which you put up on F.B yesterday and I`m encouraged to be more mindful of creation.You read my words and you’re encouraged to listen, and so when we play our part the church body of eyes, and ears, and feet, etcera, works as its meant to. Have a good day. Alison x


  3. It amazes me how God reminds us to be close to Him through everything he can. Most importantly through people, all we have to do is just to tell ourselves to stop and listen. It makes me think that it is good to stop and pay attention to people who surround us too. The life passes so fast and in the end I only have my God. It is too many things I want to say here so I have to stop now. Thank you Allison for being a precious link in this chain that contributes to reminding others about what is really important, just to keep our eyes on Him.


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