Shoes and feet,with more to come!

When I recently had a recurrence of some back and neck pain I decided that it was time for a visit to my wonderful and excellent physiotherapist, who gave me some massage before proceeding to the next stage called dry needling!! This is where she introduces, yep you’ve guessed it- a dry needle into the knots in the tense muscles. She proclaims “Oh that’s a juicy one.”  I exclaim “ I really do appreciate you,” while we both pretend that it’s not blooming sore. It is- but when you wake up the next day with less pain and tension you know it’s been worth it.

At the end of the session the physio, examines my shoes to make sure that they are offering me proper support. “Why,” I ask “are my shoes quite so important ?”  She explains that if my shoes are not right ,that could throw my hips off kilter, which in turn could affect the whole of my spinal column including my neck muscles. All of which leads me, and my slightly wacky brain, to start pondering shoes and feet, and more.

I picture a little girl dressing up in her mum`s clothes ,which of course  has to include some high heels to totter about, in order that the grown up look will be complete.

I think of steel capped shoes ,which protect against weights falling on feet and doing damage.

I think of comfy slippers encompassing my feet after a nice long hot soak in the bath.

Trainers: high heels: ballet shoes: clogs: flip-flops: sandals: welly boots: and on goes the list.

And truthfully this blog pondering was actually a continuation within me, as a follow on from some points which I`d heard recently in a sermon on the story of the prodigal son. (Luke 15: 11-31)

Included in the points made by the preacher was this gem which was totally new to me. Did you know that when the father in the story placed the not only robe around his sons shoulders, and the ring on his finger, but also the shoes on the sons feet he was demonstrating to everyone, simply by way of fact at that time that servants would not have worn shoes, that this lost son of his, would now be reinstated  as a family member? Despite the fact that the son has used/ abused his inheritance, here was grace being extended by the father by way of saying, you wasted what I gave you, but still I will give you more. Surely I have to ask, is that not worth a ponder or two? We spend our inheritance unwisely, we come back dirty, covered in pig swill, and still the Father hugs us and extends grace folded in on grace to us each and every time we turn/ return to Him.

Thinking of shoes, led me to thinking of feet and or foot washing, which led me to thinking of how we often need to adjust our shape and stance as life throws new circumstance our way, so that I’ve decided this particular blog is going to have to have some “wait and see” follow-up instalments!

For now I’ll simply close with these two thoughts…

First, are you weary and feeling worn out? Then perhaps it’s time to turn/return to the Father and see if you won’t find His welcoming, grace extended, embrace.

And secondly  while pondering shoes I could not but think of the well know quote which challenges us to…

“Walk a mile in my shoes and see what I see, feel what I feel, then maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do. Until then please don’t judge me.” (Anon)

We could even say that  quote is  a good reminder to us of the instructions which we find in James 1:19, which says

In view of what He has made us then, dear brothers, let every man be quick to listen but slow to use his tongue, and slow to lose his temper.”  (J B Phillips translation)

So there you have it! A visit to my physio gets me to think about shoes and feet, which leads me to be grateful for His grace,which leads me to be mindful of judging others..

Who’d have thought it eh!

Yours in Him,

walk in my shoes

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