Its good to sometimes “just pause”

“Teach us to use wisely and reflect on all the time we have” Psalm 90:12 CEV (italics mine)

Allow me to share a true story. Two friends are surveying some gardening work which has been done. The owner of the garden is bemoaning how much is yet to be done when her visitor says, “Ah but look at all you`ve already done, why not be proud of that?”

When I was told about this conversation, I pondered it a wee bit, and because when I ponder things God often graciously confirms it  from more than one source, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when in my “in-box” the very next day was an email which contained the following sentence,

“Why don’t you take where you’ve been and what you’ve done and go forward with it and be proud that you’ve got this far? Then reach out to others who might be in need and be thankful”

Because this spoken of garden started life overgrown with many weeds, I hope in a future blog to share some  thoughts about gardening, including how it will always include some weeding, but for now I`d simply like to share this prayer I wrote about how it can be good sometimes to “just pause.”


“Father, when I take time to pause to consider my journey thus far, I know I have so much to be thankful for-

…The surviving of some seemingly endless days wherein I knew a constant too much, but which looking back upon now, I see that you, in your mercy and grace used to change me, and to grow me.

…The things on that journey which I sometimes took for granted, such as a text message sent with the words “Thinking of you.”  Or the question asked, and meant, “How best can I pray for you?” Or a hand placed upon my shoulder, saying in ways no words ever could “I see and I care”

…Those silent ones who simply walked by my side through some dark and often sad days, often offering no good advice, but  who rather gave me their unquestioning ,and supporting “Im here for you,” companionship.

Yes Lord, it would seem to be a good thing to sometimes pause, look back and recognise how far we have already come.

And Lord I do know a pause is only ever meant to be that – a pause. I  know that I  need to recognise and plan for  the reality of future days. I know I need  to ask for your wisdom and courage and faith when I step into them, but for this day I simply want to pause,and to say thank you for your utter graciousness, for all the ways we’ve walked  together thus far .

As I continue to walk the Emmaus path of life will you open my eyes to recognise you as my constant companion and teacher in all the story days  of my life.

And lastly if I should I notice others walking down similar roads to those I’ve walked along, make me quick to come alongside them, and encourage them to keep on keeping on.

Thank you,


Yours in Him,

Alison King Signature NEW

(The sentence quoted above was in a message from, a site which was recommended by a friend whereby you get a message every day for a year, to help with any grieving process, and which I also would recommend if you find yourself in a place or time of grief.)




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