A Pondering at the Beach

With thanks for the prompting to do the room exploration, as described below, to Robert Munger, who’s article “My Heart, Christ’s Home” was referred to and outlined in a book I’m presently reading, “ Having a Mary heart in a Martha world” by Joanna Weaver

Today I had an opportunity to be out on my own for a time, with no company except my own thoughts, no decisions to be made except those I wanted to make.

Heading to the beach I had a pleasant walk, after which, sitting in my car, windows slightly down, watching and listening to the waves gently roll, noticing the birds eagerly eyeing me to see if any scraps might be coming their way, I then closed my eyes, and with a few deep breaths invited God, who is always present anyway, to join me.

And He did!

And together as we sat, we toured the rooms of my soul…Staircase

We went into the room that is my mind with its often too much thinking, coupled with its imagination to see the extraordinary within the ordinary, and I asked Him who knows me well, to use whatever keys are needed to unlock His truths and for Him to de-clutter, release me from what I need not ponder on…

We wandered into the dining room and I asked Him to refine my palate, both physical and spiritual, so that I’m not ingesting “stuff” which is not for my best, may not be His best…

The bathroom was an easy one as I simply asked Him to cleanse my heart, soul and mind afresh, and then fill me with His enabling, in Him, attached to Him, Holy Spirit…

In the workshop of my soul I gave to Him afresh, the talents He in the first place had gifted me, as I ask He put each to good “kingdom” use in His way and in His time…

We wander then into the playroom, that place where fun takes place, where friendships are formed, cemented, prayed over, and I asked Him to make me wise from whom I learn, whose company I sit in, and to know wise use of my “free time” as well. “In other words,” I asked “help me, and make me wise in not filling my time with doings, even harmless doings, if I then claim I have no time to spend with You.”

Although I tried to avoid it, we opened the broom cupboard under the stairs where the junk gets pushed away. (Your junk may be in your attic space – you’ll know) Junk which is past its “sell by date,” yet which I, for some reasons I often cannot even fathom, save perhaps for some false sense of security, I insist on holding on to. Stuff which I need to let go of so that I can live lighter and living lighter I can then be less attached to the expectations of this kingdom as I wait for the next…

I gave to Him my eyes and ears, my feet and hands, my insides and my outside, my thinking mind, my heart, my all, as I thanked Him afresh for the journey He has led me on thus far. I thanked Him for the people He has placed in my life of late who have sat with me, and listened to me and helped me unravel some of the knots within my soul and with the ever “near the surface” tears falling once again, I asked Him to not let me take for granted the gift of sacred spaces wherein I can choose to sit, and be, and in doing so, be encouraged anew to walk forward in my determination to “choose life” Deuteronomy 30:19.

And all that done, I started my homeward bound journey, so glad that He`d prompted me to simply be, and that He had helped me, as per His timeless instructions in Psalm 46: 10, in my being still, to know afresh that He is God…

Yours in Him,

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One response to “A Pondering at the Beach

  1. “Choose Life” – love that one…..just keep hearing the Trainspotting intro…must move on! Thanks Al x x


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